• Master of Political Science and International Relations, 33 years old
  • Lives in a rented flat in Kallio, vegetarian and world citizen
  • Loves cafes, cycling, cinemas, picnics and swimming

I became interested in changing things when I was a 17-year-old highschool girl from Oulunkylä, Helsinki. I learned at school, from books and the media, that our way of life is destroying the planet. Still, humankind continued to produce and consume more and more, as if nothing had happened. Everyone talked about the issue, but noone seemed to be doing anything. I started to boycot, recycle and study politics.

Influencing things only became my work and passtime a bit later. Before that I lived in several countries and studied languages. When people discussed immigration, I felt they were talking about me - after all, I had studied in Madrid and Paris and worked in New York and Nairobi. For a while I had been the one who catches attention on the street because of the colour of my skin.

Nowadays I’m a 33-year-old Master of political science and a specialist for international affairs. I have also been involved in many political activities over the last few years. This year I’m the chair of the Helsinki Green Society, a member of the Helsinki Energy company’s board and a board member of the Helsinki Greens.

Civic activities: